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presets & online courses
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You’ve tried Lightroom presets.
They’ve failed you over and over.

Aesthetiica Collective was created to radically change your perspective on photo editing.


Hello and WELCOME to Aesthetiica Collective.

I am so glad that you’re here! If we haven’t met already, my name is Alicia, owner of Aesthetiica Photography, and I want my presets to be the last you ever buy. I’m going to show you how to use, modify and customize them to attract the clients and collaborations of your dreams! 

WHAT is Aesthetiica Collective? A few things. First, it is the basis for which I have built my style and business. It’s presets & mini-tutorials to help you understand and utilize more of what Lightroom has to offer. I’m also so, so excited to share I will be offering mentorship opportunities that put my entire library of editing & photography knowledge at your fingertips later in the year.

My journey as a photographer and retoucher took off in 2004 when I graduated from a point & shoot to a Canon DSLR and really learned to utilize a tiny fraction of Photoshop’s capabilities. I made the mistakes, took the risks and I had to learn before YouTube tutorials ever existed. Now, I want to take away the mystery of the mastery. My goal is to help you curate the IG feed, clientele and business you’ve always envisioned.

Thank you so much, I can’t wait to see the magic you make!

Alicia Fierro, Owner/Artist/Catmom

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rue - expedite

Inspired by the exquisite streets of Paris. Delicate colors, a rosie hue in the highlights and crisp blacks. Softens greens without desaturating. Tip: keep rue out of direct sunlight.  She prefers to lurk in the shade.

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has one job - art

This preset is a beast.  It’s only job is to force specific direct-light images into submission.  Ever have one shot you can’t make any preset work on?  Try has one job. Tip: it’s a picky one!

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boho - collective 01

Really versatile preset. Moody with warm tones and faded blacks. With temperature adjustments, boho may just end up in your favorites. BRB, still trying to find a photo it doesn’t work on.

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